PDR Boyasız Göçük Düzeltme Set (Karbon Çelikleri)

Y51-1 Set
High Quality Carbon Steel

ProCraft Professional Pdr Set High Carbon Steel 55 Pcs Tools

This set is Original ProCraft Branded Set.


MOST POPULAR TOOLS- An additional used by our technicians AND most requested from our Distributors
BIG SELECTION- A mixed selection of 5 whale tails, 2 different tip styles at the most useful lengths.

MADE- Guaranteed to be the highest Quality at the best price, and all manufactured here at our location in the ProCraft.


Our Accessory Kit contains all the items you need to enter in the PDR field. S Hook (large and small), swivel, door spacing pump, glue cutter spatula and paddle

Our hammer set includes 4 different hammers and heads. Our hammers have different kinds of aluminum and steel.

Despite all the harsh conditions, you can use ProCraft Professional Pdr tools without years of wear and tear.

These tools are for restylers specializing in door pits. These sets made of high carbon steel are for professional

users. All handles have an ergonomic handle, steels are polished. It is a miracle set that can work in every

direction of the vehicle such as higj carbon steel bracket set, roof set, fender set. It provides super grip with its

ergonomic handle design and offers the opportunity to straighten the toughest teeth with a single maneuver.

Thanks to the ergonomic handle, you have an optimum effect. A set that will save you a lot of money for this


These vehicles have been specially developed for restylers that can repair a large number of hail damage,

parking damage, door loops, and work in showroom vehicles.

ProCraft Paintless Dent Repair 55 Pcs High Carbon Steel  Pdr Rod

Our ProCraft Branded products come with the Original Logo and label.

220-12V Pdr 3 Led Lamp ProCraft

56 Pcs Pdr Rod Tools (included 12 Pcs Adjustable Handle)

1 Bag

1 hammer set

1Glue Set

1 kg Glue stick (40 Pcs)

2 SpatulaSteel

1 s hook+adapter

1 pdr hammer steel

1 paddle

1 Wedge

1 Suction Cup

1 Spatula 


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Furkan MakineFurkan Makine

Furkan Makine

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The products are quite good quality. Much more economical than European prices. All came as seen in the picture. Pleased to meet you. Shipping time is 15 days. The seller provides information on everything.

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