The handle is made of premium wood, which provides a pleasant appearance, a pleasant tactile surface and optimum weight for work. The shape of the handle of the mixing hammer has an extension for ease of grip, which reduces the load on the wrist joint during operation. The handle has formed orthogonal faces to prevent hand torsion and improve control during operation.

The body is aluminum, the metal changing head is made of hardened steel, the impacted parts are mirror polished. The side surfaces of the metal part are made flat and can be used for metal insertion using cores, which allows you to increase the speed of work.

This hammer, which not only provides convenience and high efficiency in your work, but also a decent decoration of your workplace, will be your indispensable assistant!


Furkan Makine




Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine



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Las setas están cambiando. Es posible llevar distintos corchos según el ombligo.


muy ligero y conveniente, el mismo producto en la imagen entregado rápidamente


merece una buena puntuación. me gustó


really light hammer. The price-quality ratio is quite high. My advice is.


If I need to give a score, the 5th product is also of good quality


I ordered and bought different mushrooms. products are successful. Products of much better quality than those in the picture

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