PDR Tools Vacuum Suction Cup Car Body Paintless Dent Repair High Quality Puller Suction Cup Removal for Pulling Hail Damage Original

Our ProCraft Suction Cup Dent Corrector removes irregular dents on cars without damaging the paint.

Thanks to the additional protrusion on the sides, you can easily remove the suction cup without damaging the paint.

This product will make your job easier with its high quality.

The product, which provides ease of use to the technician, is very simple to use.


Before the procedure, first invert the outer wall of the suction cup.
To any clean surface, first attach the inner circle (as a wing) to the damaged area.
After gluing the inner circle, glue the outer circle to the tool in a reverse motion.
Pull the damaged area by hanging from the handle.
When the desired trim is achieved, gently lift the nail.



It is also the ultimate ideal tool for lifting and transporting glass and metal sheets! Try this time and money saver now! You can be sure of the quality!

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