4 Seasons Use Hot Melt Glue Stick Transparent High Quality extra strong  40 Pcs 1Kg Pdr Car Body Full Removal Automobile Paintless Dent Repair

This is our strongest glue, specially made voor ProCraft Pdr Tools. It is verystrong in every circumstance. Humid air, hot air, cold air. It is used in all conditions.


The strongest PDR adhesive currently available!


It cannot be compared with other transparent adhesives.


This adhesive has been specially developed for ProCraft PDR Tools. The glue can be applied at any temperature. (summer and winter). and very easy to remove.


After Our Few Tests, The Best Melting Time Of These Glue Sticks Is 4-6 Minutes For 100w Glue Gun, The Adhesive Cooling Time Is About 3 Minutes, It Is The Best Working Time Of Glue Tab For Car Dent Repair


Transparent color Glue Sticks Are Stronger Viscosity, Suitable For Relatively Harder Parts In Cars, Black Color Glue Sticks Are Relatively Soft In The Car


Professional Paintless Dent Removal Glue Sticks For Glue Gun For Car Body Dent Repair Tabs


Glue Sticks Size: 11mm*270mm, 1 Pack  40 pcs , Weight about 1000g


Glue Sticks Are Standard Size, Fits All Standard Glue Guns



Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

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Jıhad Khadar

I used the glue stick 100W with a freezing is perfect. The tensile strength on the hard surfaces is quite good I suggest to everyone

Markus efel

I tried quite a lot of silicones and according to the quality rate of this silicone I would really recommend it very well

Opresci Bogdan

If you want to get yields from the product even in adverse weather, this product is quite quality. I will continually order.

Piotr Swatz

The firm offers quality products. The shipping is quite fast and the sales element is quite knowledgeable. I definitely recommend I don't regret it

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