Offering great advantages with the fast closure and easy portability of anyone doing dent correction work, System provides the practical use advantage of the engine cover carrying stand.

With its practical opening and closing system, the elements that take up very little space for mobile workers come to the fore. 

The product is very simple to use, it can take the shape of a square and rectangle, and it can take the form suitable for the work area.

Thanks to the brake system, it can stabilize the moving wheels on demand. There are also joints on the product to secure the hooks.

Also, with 360-degree swivel arms, many adjustments can be made to suit all hoods and deck covers. This lightweight Desk updates a proven design to one of the lightest hood stands available.

Adjustable steel feet, light casters and powder-coated upper make this hood lightweight for easy carrying, while providing easy use for a wide range of hoods, tailgates or doors.


Click to buy the rope with hooks for fastening the hood.--> 




Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine

Furkan Makine



Click for the assembly file and contents.

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Jose Luiz

I got it very fast. The product is very practical. Fast and functional. I recommend


Quality !


pretty good saves time and space very practical I like it.


good quality


Buena Calidad

Santil Qumara

Very nice cart case. ı like it I also follow on social media

Luiz Fernand

fine useful and quality i recommend

Sebastian Laluzk

a piece was missing when I bought it. the company took responsibility and resubmitted the new track.


J'ai fait des recherches sur le produit sur les réseaux sociaux et sur Internet avant de l'acheter. Le produit est très bon je recommande.


It was a little late due to the pandemic, but everything is fine.

Jose Antonio

Perfect product perfect


very nice bonnet stand , I recommend it for sure! good price quality ratio.

Euro Varilleros

Entrega lo antes posible. No experimenté ningún retraso con respecto a la causa de la pandemia. Los productos son geniales. El nuevo modelo vino con ganchos. Fue una sorpresa. Gracias...


I bought the videos after watching them. I like the products. :) top...


Despite the pandemic, it came very quickly. It came with rope clamps as a gift. It's very practical. It is very useful for mobile workers.


Great 👍

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