The analog-controlled mobile multifunction spot welding machine ELMAspot T provides reproducible welding quality with enormous energy savings compared to conventional devices.


  • Conventional spot welding, digital current/time setting
  • Spotting
  • Dent repair
  • Pulling in sheets
  • Welding of bolts and T-pins

Robust machine with easy handling – the “workhorse” amongst the body working tools

  • Water cooling
  • 10 kHz medium frequency transformer X- or C-gun
  • High welding currents even with low fuse
  • Light and portable cable hose package
  • Easy and quick change of guns with pluggable external connections
  • Equivalent to the exposure limit values of the EU Directive 2004/40 / EC on magnetic fields
  • Manifold optional accessories such as spotter, electrode tip dressers etc.